Website Changes and Updates

We recommend checking your website monthly for content that should be updated.  Twice a year we’ll send you a reminder to check the content and send us corrections.

You can send us changes/additions, etc. at any time.  We prefer e-mail, and prefer receiving a list.

For example:

Hi CWS, please make the following changes to our website

  1. Please remove the Widget Services page (we don’t service them any more)
  2. Remove our 800 number and just use the local number 850 302-0659
  3. Please add a link to our facebook page ( and twitter account (
  4. Remove Admin Janna Boswell, she’s not here any more

You get the idea.  This way we can respond directly to you when we complete each item, and reference anything we have questions about.

Major changes could require a meeting in person.  If you have any questions, please e-mail or call us at 850 302-0659.