Service Cancellation

We hate to see you go, but we understand how things can change.

We ask that you provide us 30 days written notice that includes your request to terminate services, and if you want us to cooperate in the transition with your new service provider(s), please include their name and contact information as well.  We don’t allow unauthorized access to your account, so please include their contact info just in case.

Accepted forms of written notice are:

  • E-mail (from an account you’ve previously corresponded with us)
  • Fax on business letterhead
  • Written letter

If we receive a change request from a third party, we will verify with our contact at your company before we can cooperate with the request.  We do this for your protection and ours, to eliminate potentially harmful and fraudulent change requests.

It is CWS’ policy to promptly and professionally address these transfer requests, assuming all undisputed balances are paid in full.

Please note that expired domain names are not eligible for transfer until they are returned to active status.

If the time we spend assisting your new provider in the transfer exceeds one hour of time, we will invoice you for the additional time.