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Support FAQ

Listed below are common support issues. If you don’t see your problem, or have web changes, complete the Support Form or email

WordPress - how do I log in?
Log in to WordPress by going to the WordPress login page. The login page is on your website at the main domain name, followed by /wp-admin/

Here’s an example: (change “” to your domain name).

Enter EITHER your Username or your email address and the password we sent you when the account was set up.

If you forgot your password, see “WordPress – I forgot my password”


WordPress - I forgot my password
It’s easy to reset your WordPress password. Underneath the WordPress login box (see “WordPress – how do I log in?” you’ll find a link that says “Lost your password?” – click it enter EITHER your WordPress username or your email address. WordPress will send you a password reset link – you have a limited time to use the link, so take care of it as soon as you can. Be sure to keep your password in a safe place so you remember it. For online security, do not use the same password twice for any account.


WordPress - Training and Help

Our Professional and Premium Hosting Packages include general WordPress help videos accessible in the WordPress administrative dashboard (WP101). If you prefer personalized help, we offer custom-made instructional videos starting at $99. The videos can be downloaded and viewed as often as needed.

One-on-one WordPress training is available too, but we recommend the custom-made video – the cost is about the same (or less) and you get to keep the recording. 

Email is not being received
Ask a third party to send you a test message, and confirm they have the correct email address (spelling counts). Reboot your computer, modem, and router – many times (especially after a weekend or after a lightning storm) a full system reboot will solve the issue.
Website changes aren't showing up
If we (or you) recently updated the website but the changes are not showing up on your website, please try the following:

  • Refresh the page using F5 or Control-F5 (most times will force a browser refresh including cached files)
  • Clear your computer’s cache (find the directions by searching “clear cache” then the name of your browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Try from a different computer, a computer in a different location (from home or the library), or view from a phone or tablet

If you made the change, then make sure you saved the page before exiting or uploaded the changed file. If you’re still having a problem, create a support ticket – be sure to provide the full URL to the page with the issue.