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DO NOT PAY anything from – this is a scam to take your money and give nothing in return.


We’ve seen a large increase in form-to-email spam over the last couple of weeks. The messages will come in through your website form, give a bogus account number, with IMPORTANT NOTICE and EXPIRATION NOTIFICATION, then offer a link pay online. 

IMPORTANT NOTES for CWS website hosting Customers please do not pay anything regarding a domain name without checking with us. We will never cause a third party to bill you for anything related to your website without your permission. If you’re our Customer and receive these messages, we may be able to prevent future messages from coming in through your website forms. Reach out and let us know if we can help.

(edited 10/22/2020, thanks to Torrey Douglass with Lemon Fresh Design for the additional info)

Torrey says “Emails that dome from an email address sent from are scams that makes you think your domain is in danger of expiration, but they actually are in no way involved in your domain registration and renewal. These grifters register their domain name with Tucows, who should revoke its use due to this abuse. To file a complaint about Domain World, fill out the form on this webpage:”

The owners of registered their domain via Tucows… if you hate spam PLEASE fill out a complaint. Here’s some suggested info and the complaint form link 

  • Fill in your name and email
  • Do not check the “Are you the domain owner?” box (you don’t own
  • The offending domain name(s) =
  • The offending email address(es) (if applicable) =
  • Email Headers (if applicable) = leave blank
  • Exact URL(s) of page with offending content = n/a
  • Subject = excessive abuse of website forms
  • Your Message = is abusing our online form to send fraudulent and deceitful “invoices” for services we do not have with them. We have not granted our permission to receive these misrepresented advertisements. Please block their account due to phishing.
  • If you’re able to create a screenprint of the message you got from, attach the screenprint using the Upload button.
  • Click the Submit button to complete your complaint

You’ll receive a ticket number. If you get additional phishing emails from, please fill out a complaint for each one, referencing the first ticket number each time (bonus points for including all your Tucows ticket numbers!!).


Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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