QR codes are bar codes readable by cell phones.  QR stands for “Quick Response.”  A potential customer sees the QR code, scans it with their phone, and the stored information is revealed to them.  QR codes can contain up to 4296 characters and can be used for many things, such as links to:

  • Your website; links to YouTube video, Google Map, Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, or FourSquare pages
  • Plain text message, like a special offer
  • Online catalog or PDF
  • Online real estate listing and realtor contact info
  • Phone number, SMS message, e-mail address or message, contact details (your VCARD), event information (VCALENDAR)
  • Paypal buy now link
  • Using a URL shortener (such as bit.ly) adds tracking to your campaign

QR codes can be used on your business cards, stickers, temporary tattoos, posters advertising your business or event, your website, and even on promotional items such as cups, mugs, and t-shirts – the list is endless.

CWS can assist with QR code generation and implementation.  Here are resources for your reference.

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