Spending local is important these days, so here are some familiar and not-so-familiar ways we can help our local small businesses survive in these difficult times.

Thank you for shopping local text on chalkboard
  1. Buy local. I know, that’s a duh, but take it a step further. In addition to your purchase, pick up a gift card. They’re easy to mail, easy to set aside for holiday giving, and the extra love is appreciated by your favorite local spots.
  2. Stay patient. Small businesses are stretched… health risks, cleaning requirements, high or low demand (more to-gos, or product shortages, for example), mask ordinances and changing rules … everyone will appreciate your patience, even if they don’t acknowledge it.
  3. Tip extra. Servers are waiting on fewer tables than ever… if you can, give a little extra.
  4. Add a review or photo. Google Maps lets you share the love so others know how awesome a business is! Share a photo, a review, update incomplete information (parking, accessibility, hours), and help others learn more about local businesses.
  5. Post on social media. Let your friends know something awesome about your favorite local business. With pics if you’re good at it, along with why the biz is so awesome.
  6. Share the love. Ask your friends and family to do the same.
  7. Make a donation. Museums are hard hit these days – buy a gift card or make a donation to support your favorites. Non-profits are still helping others… and need your help more than ever.
  8. Be thankful. Be sure to say extra thank yous while you’re there. Gratitude is kindness, and the world can use more of it.

Buy local when you can… it strengthens local business and makes your community a better place 🙂

Photo Attribution: Thanks to Tim Mossholder for the photo on Unsplash

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