Secure certificate website lock

Google and Search Engine Ranking

Google will penalize you if you don’t use SSL. For search engines, non-SSL = non-trustworthy. Search engines are warning visitors on websites without SSL. Google uses SSL as a ranking signal. Without a valid secure certificate, your website will be harder to find, reducing your website traffic and the potential business it could bring. 

Making the Best Possible First Impression

You get one shot online to make a good first impression… why risk having a “Not Secure” warning display to your potential Customers?

A secure website connection Improves your business’ authenticity and brand reputation, and enhances your website visitors’ trust and confidence.

SSL Can Save You Money

A data security breach could become a legal problem, and any customer data compromised as a result of a breach could result in substantial legal repercussions for your business. Employing preventive measures such as SSL can both protect your customers and also the welfare of your business.

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