If you are running out of storage space in your Google Workspace account, there are several ways to free up space.

  1. Clean up your mailbox: Delete any emails that are no longer needed, archive old messages, and empty your Trash and Spam folders.
  2. Delete any unused documents: If you have any documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or other files that are no longer needed, delete them to free up storage space.
  3. Empty Google Drive Trash: If you have deleted any files from Google Drive, they will be stored in the “Trash” folder. Empty the Trash to delete them permanently and free up additional storage space.
  4. Delete large or duplicate files: If you have any large files (over 50 MB) or duplicate files, you should delete them or compress them to save space.
  5. Optimize your storage: Use Google Drive’s “Optimize storage” option to automatically free up storage space by moving large files and non-essential items (such as cached images and email attachments) to the cloud.
  6. Upgrade your account: If you have exhausted all of the above options, you can upgrade to Google Workspace Business or Enterprise.
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