We’re seeing notifications from Google that mobile-first indexing has been enabled for​ some of our Customer websites. We’re letting our Customers know as the notices come in.

​What does this mean?

Prior to now, Google’s ranking system used the desktop version of your website. From now on, your website will be ranked using its mobile-version.

Why is this important?

“[Google] continue[s] to encourage [websites] to make their content mobile-friendly. … This measure can help mobile-friendly content perform better for those who are searching on mobile.​​* ”

What should we do?

To ensure the best possible Google search engine ranking, please carefully look over your website using a smartphone. If you notice anything unusual, contact your website designer.


* Source: Google’s Mobile-first Indexing: https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2018/03/rolling-out-mobile-first-indexing.html​​

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