In late 2022, Brian Nash with NashTech, Inc. contacted me about transitioning his website Customers to Creative Web Solutions. Brian was closing shop at the end of 2022, and wanted to make sure his accounts were taken care of.

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If you were a Customer of NashTech, Inc., your account has been transferred to Creative Web Solutions (CWS). We’re working closely to make this transition as seamless and easy as possible. If you’re currently paid up for your hosting and/or domains, no bill will be due until your next renewal date. Fees for NashTech accounts will remain the same through December 2023. Any services prepaid to NashTech before January 1 will be honored.

  • Your website will look and function the same, unless you ask us to make changes.
  • Your email addresses will stay the same unless you ask us to make changes.

For website changes and updates, click the “Submit a Request” button – we’ll get back to you with questions, or complete your request and let you know when it’s complete.

In January, 2023, I began reaching out NashTech accounts, to introduce CWS, and confirm account services.

We will migrate NashTech accounts to our servers over the course of 2023. Nothing will change for you without prior notice and coordination; our top priority is keeping the transfer as seamless, transparent, and simple as possible.

If you have any questions, please reach out. Use the button below to choose a convenient time for me to call.

Lisa Smith, Lead Web Designer and Owner
Creative Web Solutions

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