using images from the internetOver and over and over, I hear the same thing… but why can’t you add it to my website?  I found it online in Google Images!

If you didn’t take the photo, or don’t have the permission of the person who took the photo, or don’t KNOW for a fact the image is public domain or creative commons, then please do not use the image online.  CAN you use the image?  Yes you can use it, but that doesn’t make it right or make it legal.  It’s actually stealing.

These articles are very helpful at explaining what’s right and what’s not, and ways to find free images (yes, there are lots of freebies out there).

Search Google images according to “usage rights”:

A cool flow-chart for an easy answer (to use, or not to use, that is the question):

Advice about using online photos from Lifehacker (another awesome resource) :

Do you think you have an issue with the photos on your website?  We can help.

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